"My work is inspired by the intricate interplay of colour, light, shape and form. My creative process is about leaning into the mystery that surrounds us and engaging with reality from a new perspective. "

Colombo’s work is committed to a practice of non-judgement as she creates in a state of allowance and internal connection. There is a quality to her work that wants to make a statement about our uniqueness as individuals, to inspire people not to be afraid of expressing what is inside of them. Colombo finds fluidity in our connection to the earth. She is inspired by the vastness of landscapes and the way the mind stills when she is out in nature.

As of 2021, Colombo has moved towards the world of design, sourcing materials such as sodalite and red jasper from the vast landscapes of Namibia and South Africa. These stones are known for their healing properties and by creating both artistic sculptures and functional design pieces, Colombo intends to charge her creations with positivity and light, creating a sense of oneness and alignment between the material and the viewer. She is interested in the energy that is held in objects and the bio-geometry of shapes which inspires her design work.

In all of the pieces Colombo produces, she seeks to create an experience of light, balance, harmony and joy. An experience that urges her viewers to connect with the information that they find most important, that allows them to harness their imaginations, celebrate their identities and simply feel happiness. Colombo finds synergies in our connection to the earth. Her ethos is one of always seeking new perspectives and exploring all of the layers of ourselves and the world by adding new dimensions to our understanding and amplifying our internal voices that have been softened amidst the structures of our busy world.

Lea Colombo continuously explores the relationship with the body, becoming aware of its subtleties and how powerful we are. Captivated with energy, shape and form, as well as how these elements always connect and how they allow Lea to find a dynamic way of creating. Unearthing layers and the hidden dimensions of being, the body is important in this exploration as it is a vessel to understand oneself and the world around us. There is a quality inside that wants to make a statement about our uniqueness as individuals, to not be afraid to express what is inside. Instead of allowing ourselves to be at peace, we are too self critical. If we are in Peace, we are in harmony.