1R0A3170Lea install 1_28 Feb 2024

Seeing Beyond

Casa Colombo | Cape Town

Seeing Beyond, by Lea Colombo is the first solo exhibition in Cape Town in 2024. The exhibition follows Colombo’s ever evolving journey as she finds new ways of expressing her unique visual language through an exploration of colour, light, form, and energy. Seeing Beyond delves into the metaphysics of being, inviting viewers to contemplate an inner knowing and the power of the mind, the soul, and the current state of our existence. Lea Colombo dives into the exploration of sacred bio geometry, allowing us to see form and matter through shapes as she explores the permanent fixture of energy, encouraging us to let ideas and knowledge flow through our souls, minds, and bodies. The works invite us to consider the interrelation between the structures of our bodies, the internal composition of matter, and the forms and matter present in the external world. The spaces that she creates are reflective and interactive as she approaches colour and form in bold and exciting ways.

In this exhibition, the artist prompts us to question our perception of form and to trust our instincts. The artworks challenge viewers to immerse themselves in the constant flow of connection that always runs through and around us. Colombo’s work continues to evolve while maintaining an interest in the animation and dance between light and dark, seen throughout her hands-on photographic practice as well as her more recent sculptural works.